Wednesday, July 1, 2009

YA or adult?

I lied, I'm back.

So, I took a YA Lit. class last semester and one of the major points of discussion was that the author doesn't necessarily get to choose what their book is published as. There have been many books over the years that were written for adults but published as young adult and vice versa. There have been books written and published as adult but were extremely popular with kids and teenagers, so my question is: when you're submitting a query to an agent and your book could be YA or adult, what do you do?

The agent may take queries for YA but not for the genre if it could be an adult book, what happens if you think it's YA and the agent thinks it's adult SciFi? I'm sure somebody's had this problem, I mean, does the agent just send a rejection and get annoyed that you sent them something they aren't interested in when you thought it was something they'd like?

Hmph. Just wondering what everyone thinks, not that anyone's there yet....

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