Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blog Award!

It's been a while... I'm sorry! But I'm here now and I'm going to try to update at least once a week, even though I probably won't have much to say about editing my MS. I'll find something to talk about haha.

While I was away I got a lovely award from KM over at Prophetic Pictures. She's an awesome college student working on her writing- we gotta stick together!

So, the Circle of Friends Award is getting passed on to:

Kristin Kelley for being one of the greatest friends I've ever had and one of the coolest people I know. Her blog doesn't get updated all too often, but she's always got something interesting to say, and she's a hoot! :D

KarilynnLove because she's awesome.

Jade for never failing to make my day when I read her posts, and for being an incredibly interesting and amazing person.

If you don't read any of there blogs, you should. I know I've pushed Jade at you all before (did I mention she's an Aussie? lol), but really, they're all awesome people with something to say.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WiP Wednesday

It's a new month, and things are starting to simmer down at school. I'm figuring out when I have free time, and when I can actually write during that time. Reading is coming a little slower than I'd like, because I try to do it at work and everyone always waits until I pick up a book to come up to the circulation desk. Meh.

As for Rise of the Phoenix, revisions are coming along alright. I'm up to chapter 5, which brings me to a new total of 17,700-ish rewritten/revised words. My friend Kristin, who is absolutely amazing, got my first chapter back to me with notes (no she isn't a writer, but she reads A LOT), so chapter 1 is done. I think. It's pretty good right now, and it's going to stay how it is until the rest of draft 2 is complete.

The other idea I've been playing with is still toying with me. I haven't started actually writing it (ah the beauty of will power), but I have started writing about it. I'm trying to outline this one, flush out the major plot points and the details of the world and creatures, and it is SO much fun. I love it.

In other news, I submitted a short story (the only decent one I've ever written) to my school's literary journal, so we'll see how that goes.

How are things going for you? Making any progress or is life bogging you down?


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