Blog Awards

After a couple of years of blogging, I have accumulated a handful of awards that have begun to take up quite a bit of space in my sidebar. In an attempt to de-clutter the blog and provide my lovely readers with more important information, I have decided to give my awards their own page.

Kreativ Blogger -- Thanks to Icy Roses over at From Elysium

The Superior Scribbler -- From Karilynnlove.

The Circle of Friends -- A huge thank you to KM.

Happy 101"Creative Writer," and Trendy Blog-- All courtesy of the terrific Medeia Sharif, author of Bestest. Ramadan. Ever.

The Silver Lining -- Thank you, Nicole! Check out her blog here.

Prolific Blogger -- I got this from two different people: Amparo and Yat-Yee. Thank you both!

The Versatile Blogger -- Amparo also gave me this award, as did Katrina.

Super Comments -- Thank you, Anne!

One Lovely Blog -- Thanks to Amanda. Check out her blog.

Stylish Blogger -- This one comes from a friend I actually know in real life and whom I went to college with; thank you, Brooke! I would link to the award post, but since she moved her blog, it doesn't really exist any more, but you should still check her out.

Honest Scrap -- Many thanks to my friend Karla for this award!


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