About Me

I am 22 and an aspiring author. I have a BA in English and am returning to my Alma Mater (Arkansas Tech University) for a Master's this spring.

I drink sweet tea like crazy, love sour candy, and am a Joss Whedon fangirl. If you don't know who that is, we can't be friends until you do. I'm sorry, that's just how it is. (I'm not entirely sure if I'm kidding or not.) I play the cello and the horn (the French horn as most people call it, but don't get me started on that) and occasionally the trumpet. Yes, I was a band geek. And I'm still a music nerd.

I am a book lover. I worked in my college library and now my public library, but I don't want to be a librarian. Over the summer I was going to move to New York to follow dreams of being a literary agent; that wasn't the right path for me, though, and now I'm back in Arkansas and just trying to finish editing my book.

Most of all, I am a writer. I have a screenplay sitting on my hard-drive which spends lots of quality downtime with my first novel Rise of the Phoenix, which has officially been trunked. I am currently working on revisions for my 2nd novel, The Sandman's Apprentice. I write science fiction and fantasy novels, because that's what I love the most.

While this blog is primarily for me as a writer, it has grown since I started it and now contains reviews and the occasional interview with publishing professionals. For more information on my reviews, visit my reviews page.
Take a look around, if you like. I hope you'll stay a while. : )


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