Monday, July 13, 2009

First 5 pages

It's a nice hot day in Arkansas today, not that I'd know, I only stepped outside to get the mail at 11 this morning. :)

So, today I finished re-writing my first chapter in 3rd person. It told me it wanted to be in 1st but I guess it lied because everything that was wrong seemed to start falling into place. Hmph. First chapter has grown about 6 pages - from 18 to having a line and a half (haha) on p.25 - and am now contemplating cutting in two because it's now the longest chapter at 6,300 words exactly. Should I? Or should I wait and see what happens? Yea, I should probably be wait. It's all going to have to be re-written in 3rd anyway....

Anyway, my point, or question rather, for today's post is on the first 5 pages of a MS. A lot of agents ask for the first 5 pages when querying and upon looking at mine I wondered if they really want the first 5 pages as is. My WiP is formatted with Chapter headings roughly a third of the way down the page and text starts another couple of lines down. So half of my first page is really blank.

My fifth page doesn't stop perfectly at the end of a paragraph, or even a sentence, so what do I do? Do I send the first five pages as-is? Do I send a rough 1500 words? Do they care if you really send 6 pages? Hmph.

Am I just over analyzing everything again? Right now, I've got a little less than 1500 words on 6 pages set aside - without skipping down a third of the page to put my chapter title - is that ok?

How are your projects coming along? Any questions driving you crazy today?

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