Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Teaser Tuesday (?)

This is my first Teaser Tuesday, and I'm not even finished with my absolutely terrible 1st draft. So, since I haven't even told you lovely readers what my WiP is about, I think I'll do that this week, and let you in on a bit of the story starting next week. ;) That work with all of you? Well, it doesn't really matter because that's what you're getting hehehe. But hopefully you'll be happy wit today's post.

Also, this is my first attempt at a summary, so thoughts and opinions would be much appreciated. Even if you hate it. :)

Rise of the Phoenix - YA SciFi

Tom was on a family vacation when a bright flash of red light landed him on board a spaceship full of hideous creatures, lytuha, whose very presence causes him unbearable pain. In his attempt to escape, Tom wanders into a computer program of a marble city and meets Shiani, a beautiful humanoid with blue skin and golden brown eyes, whom Tom is immediately drawn to.

The truth of who, and what, he really is is revealed and Tom finds it difficult to accept the fact that he is an immortal fynx, more commonly known as a phoenix, something he thought was just a myth. Knowing the truth of his origins paves the way to rediscovering his past, and all the pain that goes with it.

On board The Phoenix, the ship named after his kind, Tom learns that there is more to life in space than humans had ever dreamed. In a universe where planets have hearts and myths are real, anything is possible.

When Shiani is stolen away by a violent and destructive race called the Jetan, Tom must learn to use his newly discovered abilities to save her. Should he fail, the Jetan will use Shiani, the heart of her homeplanet, to take over her world and consume every resource until it is an uninhabitable, desolate land.

But Shiani's world is not the only planet whose future rests in Tom's hands, with his friends at his side, Tom must return to an Earth in turmoil. This time saving the world won't be nearly as easy as fighting a war, Tom must face his own sister, who has been possessed by the heart of Earth herself, and stop her from anihalating the only planet he's ever known.

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