Friday, July 10, 2009

Word count.

Alright, it's Friday. I know TGIF. We can finally enjoy the weekend. Except, I'm a college student without a job so I just sit around all week anyway. But for those of you who actually work and do things, it's the weekend- enjoy yourself. Cuddle up with a good book, hang out with a friend, watch a new movie. (HP6 comes out soon, you know you're excited. Haha.)

Anyway, I'm sitting here working on my WiP, again, and I keep thinking about word count. Again. I keep reading that you should do the 25o words per page thing but that tells you that you've got more words than you really do, because you never fill every single line of every single page. So why do agents like to have the inflated word count? It's silly and I've read it a dozen times but for some reason it still just bugs me.

If I use the word count in Microsoft Word it gives me 31,350-ish but if I do the multiplying using the 250 words per page I get 34,250. That's a big difference. Do agents just not care? Are they really just wanting to know how many pages you've got?

Am I thinking about this way too much? Ok, ok, stop nodding your heads at me. I know, I know. Word count isn't a huge deal, it's the story that matters. I'm just curious about these things.

Do you have a gap between the word count in Word and the 250 rule?

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