Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Books, blogs, and ...boxes? Oh my!

Hello, hello,

It's Wednesday, I bet you didn't know that! Just kidding... Anyways I found Lisa Dale's blog this morning and thought I'd share it with you all. She had a fun little French food idioms quiz I thought I'd pass on - take some time out and go check out her site. She seems pretty down to Earth and I can't wait to read her books, I really need to stop writing and read some more soon....

Speaking of reading, the last book I got read was Dreamhunter by Elizabeth Knox. It was fantastic, I loved it and I can't wait to get my hands on the second one, Dreamquake! :D So many books to read... *sigh* don't you just love being nerdy? Haha.

I've realized that I want to try and intern at a literary agency or something after I graduate, that way no matter what happens with my writing career, I'll still be around books. :)

So, I went to sleep last night having hit 121 pages on my manuscript, I'm up to 27,400 words. It makes me feel fantastic, even though some of my writing yesterday was complete poop. :( But hey, it happens, you just have to keep on writing and go back and fix the bad stuff later.

Now, since I put boxes in my title I guess I'll talk about something to with a box.... Oh! I need one, haha. I knitted a baby blanket and a bunny blanket/toy for my cousin who is expecting her second child, a baby girl named Lilly, soon. I also crocheted a giraffe for her son Jonah so he wouldn't feel left out. I'm quite proud of the blanket and the giraffe, but the bunny blanket didn't turn out the way it should have, oh well. Oh, and surprise! I knit and crochet, well attempt to crochet most of the time haha. I know, I know, you're thinking 'Man, that girl does everything!' but really, I don't. I just like to try new things sometimes, and knitting is very relaxing - until you screw up your project....

Alright, well now that you're done here, go check out Lisa Dale's blog or any of the ones I'm subscribed to, they're all pretty amazing and rather informative for newbie authors like me. :P Or you could always go read a book! I hear they're lots of fun.

Well, it's back to writing for me. Later 'gators.


ElanaJ said...

Books are fun. I hope you get to be an intern or something like that too! Good luck!

Amanda J. said...

Hey thanks! I think it would be a lot of fun- and a good way to learn about the industry, too. :D

Lady Glamis said...

Wish I crocheted! You are so good to keep that positive attitude of writing through the crap. I am up to 30k on the rewrite of my 2nd book, and it does feel awesome!


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