Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Tuesday

I was supposed to have something to post today, but I don't have much because I'm trying to do Spanish and my Outlook messed up over the weekend and hid all my emails from Awesome Agent so I'm already behind for the week. Woot. *sigh* Here's the opening of my second draft of The Sandman's Apprentice. Enjoy!

Taryn Jacobson sat on her bed attempting to watch TV through the growing cluster of spit wads clinging to the screen; for a seven-year-old, her little brother had good aim. The air hissed and another wet ball of slobbered on paper hit the TV and rolled down, dropping onto the floor and leaving a trail of drool behind it. The muscles in her jaw clenched repeatedly; Taryn tightened her grip on the bedpost providing a barrier between her and her brother.

“Luke, if you don’t cut that out, you’re never going to be allowed in here again,” Taryn said. The television flickered behind the cloud of paper and saliva forcing Taryn to wipe the screen clean. “I told Dad I’d let you stay in here and watch-” A large spit wad splattered against her cheek cutting her off in mid-sentence. “Gah!”

A high pitched giggle let her know that it hadn’t been an accident. Taryn turned on the spot and took a step closer to Luke. The light from her bedside lamp cast a shadow over him when Taryn slid into the light’s path. She blotted out the light and towered over her brother. Occasionally being five and a half years Luke’s senior came in handy, particularly when it came to height.

“Get. Out.” Her hands balled into fists at her side. Luke rolled onto his back and laughed, kicking his legs in the air in glee. “Mom!” Taryn bellowed not taking her eyes from her personal tormentor.

“Luke, be nice to your sister!” Mrs. Jacobson’s voice rang out automatically from the kitchen where she was cleaning up after dinner.

Like that was going to help anything. Taryn rolled her eyes. Smiling at Taryn, Luke sat back up; his face promised good behavior, but the twinkle in his eye said otherwise. She uncurled one fist and held out her hand.


Jaimie said...

Nice. I like the mental image the first paragraph gives me the best.

Sorry about getting behind. I hate it when that happens.

Angela A said...

Nice! I always find the first page of manuscripts the most interesting

Talli Roland said...

I love first paragraphs. Yours made me want to read on!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And after all that, you DID have something to post today!

Jen said...

This was awesome! I'm with Talli you had me hooked right from the beginning and I need something to grab me! Great job!

Jemi Fraser said...

Very nice - I feel like I know your character already! :)

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Ewww. Spitballs.

But you did do a GREAT job on creating a visual.

Hope your Outlook stops crapping out on you. Stupid technology.

Magan said...

I do like the mental image that you displayed of the spitballs. I feel that you must have done some research on them! I think you should do a post on queries since you are giving some great Twitter advice!


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