Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blargh! It's Wednesday.

And that means it's time for a little WIP Wednesday! Sorry for the absence. I had to learn an entire chapter of Spanish in 2 days, and impressively enough I made my highest test grade. Anyway.

So, I'm about 7k into draft 2 of The Sandman's Apprentice. It's coming along very slowly what with all the other things I've been doing. Did I mention I read two fulls over the weekend? Well, I did. Which is why there wasn't a review up on Monday. BUT I will finish reading and Falling, fly for you all soon. Maybe tonight of I don't end up editing or reading a partial.

Either way, you guys are getting a review . . . and an INTERVIEW this week. Uh huh, that's right. Not telling you who with though, so you'll just have to show up. But I can promise you another review next week, too. And another after that. :) I'm awesome. I know. LOL just kidding.

ANYWAY. Man, I ramble when I've been gone a while. TSA is at 7k, and my query is up on the practice crit board at WriteOnCon. Of course, I've been editing it since I got some more feedback, so there will be a revision up soon. I hope. Regardless, you should all be there. Getting your practice on for the big event. That sounded weird and awkward, but just run with it. "Smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave." A virtual hug goes out to whoever names that movie.

Right, again with the distractions. (By the way this is totally what I'm like in real life. Just so you know.) My revisions are adding a few hundred words here and there, and I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get TSA up to about 45k when I'm finished. That sounds like a good fantasy MG to me, but honestly I don't know the word counts of most books so whatever.

And I think that's about all I've got for you all today. I spent over 3 hours in the dentist's office today or I would have gotten this up a little sooner. My jaw hurts from prolonged exposure to dental hygiene, but other than that all is well here.

How goes it with you? Making any progress on the MS? Not registered for WriteOnCon? Did you find a baby moose in your backyard? (No, I have no idea where that last one came from, but we're still rolling with it.)


Kate Hart said...


I forgot what else I was going to say. The penguins distracted me.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations on the grade!

Jemi Fraser said...

Good job on the Spanish! :)

I've registered for WriteOnCon, but haven't visited the forums much - I'll have to pop on over!


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