Thursday, August 27, 2009

WiP update


Nothing could possibly convey my excitement about actually getting something written better than CAPS right now. Except possibly this: --->

Oh yea, that was totally me after FINALLY ignoring my homework and putting in some MUCH needed writing time.

I've divided my schedule up and I'm not going to lie, I have homework time and practicing time and even workout time. All other free spots in my schedule will be split between my buddies (yes, I have IRL friends!) and writing. :D

I'm a happy panda right now. Seriously. Look at that picture again and tell me it doesn't make your day better.

Of course, I've also realized that I'm not entirely sure of my ending at this point for Rise of the Phoenix and that's more than likely why I only managed 600 words. This means I'm actually going to have to do some outlining *gasp* and figure out who dies or ya know whatever.... :)

I think I'll go do that now, instead of reading for class because frankly I'm tired of reading required material right now. Yay procrastinating for a good reason! :)

Have you been behind on your writing goals? Have you put your other responsibilities on hold to get some writing time in?


Lady Glamis said...

Never knock 600 words! That's a huge accomplishment, and you have every right to be giddy! Sometimes it takes me days to get that many words. It's so frustrating how slow things can go sometimes.

Good luck with your outlining! It's time well spent. :)

Icy Roses said...

I think you know that I am suffering from the same problems as you. For us, 600 words is a major accomplishment. :-)

Empress Awesome said...

I've been trying to put writing on hold so I can get awesome grades in college... but it's a bit addictive.

Amanda J. said...

Glam, I'm not. I was uber proud of those 600 words! I just meant I figured out why I didn't get more than that. I was at a fork in the road and didn't know which path to take. :(

Icy, did you see that panda? I mean, seriously, I was EXCITED!! Glad you made some progress too! :D

Empress, writing is like that haha. And college (and life) tend to get in the way, if you're like me you have to try and schedule time for everything so SOMETHING gets done. :/

Karen from Mentor said...

The panda made me squee with glee!

keep writing every day.

progress comes in little steps.

There's nothing like the lovely feeling of getting to type the words "the end"

(then the edits begin, so that lovely feeling lasts only moments sometimes, but hey, we have to celebrate the moments!)

Karen :0)


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