Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WiP Wednesday

Short post today as I haven't gotten a whole lot done this week.

On RotP I've written a whopping 5,366 new words since last Wed. but I'll admit I'm working on it now. So, as of this particular moment I have a total of 51,764 words. Sadly I'm not happy with this number, I thought I'd make more progress this week. :(

In other news, this week I:

- had a root canal (lots of fun there!)
- had one of my best friends lose his father to a heart attack
- ordered flowers for said friend's family
- picked figs
- took pictures of wedding decorations (for my brother's)
- took pictures of me in possible dresses for wedding (for his fiance's other bride's maids)
- started talking to an old friend/ex-boyfriend
- read Rachel Vincent's My Soul to Lose
- added even more books to my TBR list
- packed/organized stuff for moving back to the dorm

What have you done this week? Been super busy or totally bored?


Icy Roses said...

Nice progress!

I've never had a fig before. Maybe I should try it? Are they any good?

Amanda J. said...

I'd never actually had one before today haha. The squirrels and birds always beat us to them so this week was the first time I ever got to pick any.

I stayed out of our batch until earlier today when I finally tried one (we were planning on making our own fig newtons but I dunno if that's gonna happen now :( ).

Anyway, they're pretty good, not my favorite fruit but still pretty good. You only eat the middle, I think, and it's squishy and a little sweet. Funny looking but good.

I'd try it just for the sake of knowing what it tastes and feels like, ya never know when you're gonna want to write about something lol!

Terresa said...

The root canal, not so fun. But the picking figs part sounds divine!

I ate way too much ice cream this week. And Nutella, too.


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