Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

I wrote this scene yesterday and it's become one of my favorites, so I thought I'd share it for my first real Teaser Tuesday. This is in 1st person now, but will eventually be re-written in 3rd because this WiP decided to be difficult and lie to be about how it needed to be written, but that's beside the point.

A little back story: Tom was living a normal life when he was abducted my aliens, only to find out that he wasn't exactly native to Earth himself. The race of people that abducted him, lytuha, are the last of their kind and one of only two groups of survivors from their home planet; the other group, the Jetan, is responsible for their world's destruction. This scene takes place after the war between the two peoples, in which the enemy race was annihilated and only a handful of lytuha remain.

My stomach growled. I didn’t bother putting on socks or shoes, heading for the kitchen barefoot. The halls were eerily quite; before the war with the Jetán they would have been relatively empty but there had still been a sense of life onboard. Now, people were dead or hurt; now people were heartbroken. The kitchen was packed, but no one spoke, no one touched there food.

I sat down at the bar and the cook walked over to me; she stared at me with hollow eyes.

“You alright?”

“Do I look alright to you, Fynx? Do any of us look alright?” I glanced around the room.

“No, you all look like shit. Ya look like you lost someone, probably more than one someone, and I imagine you all blame me for that. Right?” There were grunts and nods throughout the room. It figured; everything was always my fault. I’d left the only planet I’d ever known and traveled halfway across the galaxy and things were still my fault; I didn’t think I’d ever fit in.

“Of course you blame me. I was the one who destroyed your planet and killed the rest of your kind. And I was the one who kidnapped Shiáni. I’m the one responsible for killing even more of you. It’s all my fault.” They hung their heads as I talked and I felt bad for it, but I was tired of being hated for things I hadn’t done. “Only none of it’s my fault. I didn’t ask you to fight for Shiáni or her planet, you did that all on your own. You came to me, remember? I was living my own life, I had a home and a sister who was my best friend. I didn’t know about aliens or that I was one and I sure as hell didn’t ask to be a part of your war. I didn’t ask to have my life turned upside down or to Connect with a girl who isn’t just from another planet, but who is a planet. I never wanted any of this.

“I’m sorry you’ve lost people that you love and care about. I’m sorry there’s only a handful of you left in the universe. But thanks to you guys, I only know of one other person who’s like me. Just one. So believe me when I say I understand what you’re going through, but you’ve got to stop putting all the blame on me.” The room was awkward and silent; my stomach rumbled like thunder and a few of the lýtúha gave me hesitant smiles.

“What would you like?” The cook met my eyes and I could feel the apology she extended on the edge of my mind; I nodded, acknowledging it.

“Anything that’s fast.”

Alright, so blogger really doesn't like me copying and pasting stuff; it requires a bit of a fight and there are still some things that aren't showing up right (especially that last line of dialogue), but it's all good, the words are all there. Hopefully, I'll have everything worked out by next week so I won't have to fight just to post a snippet.

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