Monday, August 17, 2009


Alright, it's Monday morning and I haven't written or read anything in days. It makes me sad, but I've been packing and running around doing things lately as I move back into the dorm today. Yay.

There was a funeral on Thursday. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were let's see how much packing, hanging out with mom, and spending time with friends I can cram in to each day kind of days. And today is let's haul all of Amanda's crap up to Russellville, sign in, unpack, go eat, go shop, say goodbye, and organize the new room day.

Hopefully life will not continue to come between me and the WiP and I will be able to finish the first draft soon. Hopefully.

Has life gotten in the way of your writing this week?


Icy Roses said...

Life always gets in the way of my writing. My life is so NEEDY.

Also, I gave you an award:

Tess said...

I love Icy Roses comment about life being so NEEDY. Excellent truth there.

and, you'll get to it soon...summer will wind down and fall will be a bit easier, right? I hope! I hope!

Amanda J. said...

Life is SO NEEDY!! Seriously, it needs to get over itself.

I get an award? That's so kewl! :D Hey thanks, that's totally awesome.

Tess, I doubt it. Haha, I have 21 hours and might (hopefully) be working in the library too. But I WILL find time to write, I've got plans, lots of plans. :P


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