Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WiP Wednesday

I have to keep reminding myself what day it is so that I go to the right classes, it's sad. But I do know that today is Wednesday and that, as soon as I get done with my homework (which I have yet to start haha), I'm going to work on Rise of the Phoenix.

Last week I got 600 words. It was amazing! And then I realized I needed to outline the ending because part of the reason I hadn't been making any progress was that I didn't know for sure what I wanted to happen. But now I do. And it makes me happy. :D

Life has been seriously hectic lately and I'm STILL trying to sort out my time. It's actually kind of ridiculous but eventually I'll get everything worked out, right? Right? I hope so.

I'm still trying to read all of your wonderful blogs but commenting has been cut back recently. In fact, I think the only person who's received a comment lately was Natalie Whipple, who is absolutely amazing and now signed with the awesome Nathan Bransford. So CONGRATULATIONS!! to her again.

So don't feel bad if I haven't commented, I'm trying to juggle a gazillion things and commenting and even reading blogs just isn't a priority right now. And speaking of priorities, I've got to go do a ton of reading for school and then sacrifice a workout to the Writing Gods so that I might make some progress on my WiP this week.

Goal for next WiP Wednesday: have at least 1 new chapter written.
Dream for next WiP Wednesday: have the 1st draft complete.

What are your (writing) goals for this week?


Icy Roses said...

I'm feeling you on the time crunch. :-/

Good luck.

KM said...

Nathan Bransford is so cool! I love his blog and how helpful it is! Oh, and my goal for writing this week is just to actually write SOMETHING, even if it's a single word. I think my professors have it in for me; they know I'm trying to edit one book and write a second, so they've decided to give me a ton of homework (like reading THE ILLIAD while studying for a biology and statistics test). *sigh*

Amanda J. said...

Icy, there should be more hours in the day just for writing...

KM, I'm right there with you. My professors keep giving me a ton of reading and I just wanna beg for some spare time to write! But we're going to do this, we WILL get something, anything written!


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