Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WiP Wednesday and Life

I just remembered that it's Wednesday and I haven't posted in a week. I'm really trying to work on all of that (posting, commenting, reading...haha), but seriously I'm not even caught up on schoolwork.

On a brighter note, I've started draft #2! :D Super happy about that, sad that I haven't had the time to touch it in days though. I'm handwriting this one because I usually hand write the first draft but for some reason switched to the computer early in. Anyway, I feel the need to get more personal with this draft so it's coming out in pen this time and will move back to the computer either as I see fit or when draft 2 is complete.

Just to show you guys how I distinguish the days, I only that today was Wednesday because Glee came on. I knew it was either Monday or Wednesday because of my classes, but Glee was the main indicator. Which, by the way, if you aren't watching that show, you should. It's pretty awesome.

School is going fairly well. Balancing everything out is more than a little difficult but I'm having fun and enjoying the things I'm doing, and that's the important thing, right? Haha. The Canterbury Tales, Cyrano de Bergerac, and World Mythology are calling my name, so rather than getting any writing/editing done I'm going to be a good student and try to do homework instead.

Are you behind on anything this week? Have you been meeting your writing goals?


KM said...

Meeting my writing goals? Hah! Definitely not. But I'm sort of stuck right now, trying to start something new but definitely under the influence of writer's block.

Oh, and "Glee" IS awesome! SO funny!

Novice Writer Anonymous said...

Ah, the Canterbury Tales. My first professor for Chaucer made us memorize and recite 100 lines in Middle English for one of our big assignments. I can still recite some of them.

Good luck with the revisions!

Amanda J. said...

KM, I'm not meeting my goals at all anymore. Yay school!! And yea, Glee is fantastic! :D

NWA, that is insane. Insane. We have a Chaucer class I'm thinking about taking, but somehow I think Shakespeare's going to win out. And thanks for the good luck wishes, sadly I have yet to find the time to make any real progress. :(


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