Thursday, January 14, 2010

Resolution Fail

It's 11:19pm on Thursday January 14, and I have officially broken my promise to myself that I would not work on any Shiny New Ideas until RotP had finished the first round of edits. Technically it wasn't a resolution, but it was a personal goal, and I didn't even last a month into the new year (though I have been avoiding this project for many months already).

On the bright side, I'm super excited about said new project! I've also decided that I'm not actually going to write on this project. I'm just going to work on plotting it out, something I've never really done before. We'll see how that goes. As it stands, I've got 3/4 of a page that resembles a query summary of the book-to-be.

Once I get the whole thing outlined or something I'll put it up so you can get all warm and fuzzy and excited and wonder why you didn't think of it first. :P I kid, I kid. It's going to be paranormal YA though, just fyi. And I don't even know that there's going to be any real romance in this one either...huh. Well, that's all for now. Just wanted to share.

Have you already broken your New Year's resolutions? Did you make any? Did you have any goals you made?


Katie said...

Resolutions are for noobs. I make none. I break none.

Also, yay for Shiny New Idea!

homer said...

I made resolutions on Jan 1st but forgot them the next day

Jenn Johansson said...

This sounds like an alright resolution to fail--at least in this way. You aren't ditching the first book, you're just plotting for the future. That's allowed, I think...if not, I'm in trouble.

P.S. I suck at resolutions...I may not be a reliable source. You are warned.:P

Jenn's Blogdom :)

Aimless Writer said...

Resolution? What's a resolution?
I'm constantly starting new ideas. I want to get them down on paper so I don't forget. But I schedule my WIP writing so I at least get something done. It's the only way to control the muse.

Amanda J. said...

Haha, you guys are great. I feel better about it already!

Of course I've already got a few pages down just trying to iron out the plot and character motivations so that might help haha.

Anonymous said...

I work on other things between rounds of revisions and edits. In fact, I need to take a week or two break from the work-in-progress so that I can later on get back to it with fresh eyes. I outline and research in between for the next book.

Kristie Cook said...

Don't feel bad about writing down ideas. If you don't do it, you'll regret it later. At least now, when you are done with your WIP, you'll have something new to work on right away.

Good luck!


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