Thursday, January 7, 2010

I like books. <3

So, I meant to post for Teaser Tuesday, but that didn't happen. And then I was going to do a WiP Wednesday... that didn't happen either. So, umm, sorry? No, how 'bout I just try to do snippets of both now? I mean it's barely Thursday here, no really it's like 12:30 AM. I can do this.

Teaser (from the very beginning so all you've missed is familial interactions and now he's on a diving board on a yacht):

Tom peeled off his shirt and dropped it on the wooden floor at the foot of the diving board. He let his eyes roam over the dark water and watched the breeze move through the branches of the nearby trees and across the surface of the lake. It was gorgeous. Tom climbed the few small steps to the small diving board and closed his eyes. The light breeze swept over his bare chest and through his short hair and eased the tension out of his muscles. He breathed in the fresh air and bounced lightly a few times to get a feel for the board. For an instant he froze. Tom had always been terrified of drowning, and staring at water that was so deep he couldn’t see the bottom momentarily took control of his nerves. He took a deep breath to steady them, bounced a little higher on the board, and dove.

There was a flash of bright red light as he flew through the air, and Tom automatically threw his arms up to shield his eyes. He kept his eyes closed tight against the harsh light and took a deep breath, bracing himself for the sharp pain of a belly flop that never came. Tom would have been shocked to find a hard floor beneath him instead of the lake if he had seen it coming. His head hit the ground with a sickening crack, and he rolled onto his back automatically. Tears welled in his blue-gray eyes, and he gasped in shock and pain.

The air was cold and thin; the floor was like ice against his bare skin, making it feel as if his skin was tearing away from his bones with every move he made. Tom had difficulty breathing. His lungs felt tight; he choked trying to breathe in, but the air filling his lungs was not the oxygen that his body needed. His lungs were on fire, his head felt like it was splitting apart, and his entire body ached from the impact of his landing and the frigid temperature of the room. He shifted onto his side and tried to ignore the sharp pain in his head, while his lungs screamed for air. Tom clutched at his chest and opened and closed his mouth repeatedly like a fish out of water. He twitched and shook uncontrollably. He held himself tight and curled into a ball in an attempt to reclaim some semblance of control over his own body. He could feel the pressure rising in his head and eyes, and he slipped on to his back once more, gasping for air that would never come. Within seconds he was unconscious. His body was tense for another moment, and then he relaxed. The struggle to breathe was over. Tom had lost.

Alrighty, now then, a WiP update: I am working on editing chapter 2 now and almost finished (I think). Chapter one was 31 pages but I went back and cut it around pg 24 and tagged the rest onto the beginning of chap 2 (obviously). Now my chapters are all going to be out of whack so I have to keep an eye out for new chapter breaks as I go.

Also, did I mention this draft is basically a rewrite? The 1st draft is in 1st person but it wasn't working so now the whole thing is changing to 3rd. Woo! Fun stuff this writing business. :)

In other news, I will be moving back to school on Sunday and resuming classes the very next day. Luckily I don't start working in the library until Tuesday (I am such a nerd haha). This semester is gonna be good. I can feel it... honestly, it just really needs to not suck.

Hopefully (because I have fewer and easier classes), I will not be taking another 3 month blogging hiatus. AND, if all goes well, I might start doing reviews, because I just bought 4 new books and I plan on buying more. :)

Today's book purchases were: Dune, Ender's Game, Wicked, and Stray. I. Cannot. Wait.

That's all for tonight/today/whatever. So what about you, buy any new books lately?

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