Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WiP Wednesday

I have come to the conclusion that I'm very slow at editing, although I have absolutely nothing/no one to compare this to.

Today I spent 5 hours today looking over my MS, mind you I was having an Alias marathon as well (Season 3 to be precise), and I got around 4 pages edited. I'm satisfied with those 4 pages though (for now), and I've edited the first 16 pages altogether. That's the first 4,209 words. I'm happy with that.

The other day when I was editing, I kept starting at the beginning an reading over everything I had already changed, just to find something else I wanted to fix. It's locked in now though so I won't be going over it another half a dozen times. Hopefully I'll pick up some speed though once I get the 1st chapter finished. If I can get the foundation laid then things will go easier, right? I sure hope so. Besides, the beginning has always been the roughest part anyway.

On a different note, though slightly related, I have a Shiny New Idea. Now technically this idea has been festering in the back of my mind for a solid three months now, but it's really starting to drive me bonkers. Yes, that's how anxious I'm getting. Bonkers. The problem is that I promised myself I wouldn't play with said SNI until I was finished with the book I'm working on. I might die if I take too much longer.

My goal was to have ROTP finished and query ready by graduation in May 2011, I think I'm going to have to bump that day up. If I have to go another year and a half without so much as writing an outline or a character bio, I might snap. It's going to be great though, I hope, when I start fiddling with it.

I'm just so excited, both for ROTP and Shiny New Idea. And I'm working in the library at school this next semester so hopefully I'll be writing during work. It's going to be fantastic. :)

How are your WIPs or MS? Anyone out there have an agent yet? Anyone querying?


Jade said...

You have way more strength then I do. I started my new shiny idea last night even though I'm working on 4 other projects...oops!

Shiny new ideas rock!

Good luck with the editing. I'm about to move into the intense editing phase very soon.

Stephanie L. McGee said...

Who could get any editing done when you have both the gorgeous Michael Vartan and the deliciously bad Sark to stare at?

Good luck with your edits!

Amanda J. said...

Jade- You have no idea how great it is to hear someone say that resisting those Slutty, I mean Shiny New Ideas is hard. It's killing me! But I can do this. I can finish one project before starting another. It's possible, right?? And thanks for the luck, I'm gonna need it. May your own editing go swiftly and without too much pain! :P

Stephanie, It was an accomplishment that anything got done at all with those two teasing me. David Anders is absolutely gorgeous and Michael Vartan is pretty hot stuff himself. *sigh* I'm so glad I own that entire show. :)

Anonymous said...

I always have lofty editing and proofreading goals, but that work takes three times as longer than I imagined. I'm proofreading the wip right now, and I thought I'd be done by Thursday. I'm going to aim for tomorrow.


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