Saturday, December 26, 2009

Finally Editing (Again)

I started book 2 of Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy and about halfway through it I just got the urge to start working on my MS. Don't get me wrong, I like the book, but for some reason it just made me want to get to work.

I've been trying to do other things this break. I've been cleaning, and hanging out with all my old high school friends who went off to college in other states, heck I even busted out the horn and started working on my recital pieces! But I haven't gone near MSWord for fear of getting sucked in. And I get halfway into The Subtle Knife and suddenly I can't stay away!

I knew that I wanted to work on it over the break, but I wanted to get in some reading first! I'm so deprived of the books I want to read for me. *sigh* But I guess that's just how it works. For 3 months I managed to keep my MS on a leash and it obeyed, but now it's ready to play and I'm super excited to oblige it.

Hopefully you all had a lovely Christmas and stayed safe while driving/flying. And I hope if you're reading or writing that you're having as much fun as I am!


KM said...

I only wish I had your problem. I stare at my WIP and sigh, wondering if I'll ever finish it. Once I finished my first, I can't seem to get motivated for the second. Kind of depressing, really. Haha! So I'm jealous of yours calling to you. ;)

Amanda J. said...

Hey, that's how it's been for a while with me. I had school, yea, but I never spent any of my free time on editing because I didn't want to look at it and go "Why did I write this? It's such crap!" And now it has to wait on me to have time again, because I have to learn my recital music (which sadly comes before editing). :(


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