Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Tuesday

I've had to take a break from writing and editing and it bugs me every single day but I've realized that as much as I hate it, it really is necessary. There has been so much stuff to do lately that I'm positive I would be failing right now if I was trying to work on Rise of the Phoenix too.

Last week I had two midterms and a test. I barely studied for my Psych test so that I could really do well on my two midterms and it shows. Today I got back my grades for the English midterms and I 'bout did a happy dance in the middle of both classes. 100% A+ for World Lit and 93% A on the Graphic Novel test.

I finally feel like putting my book on hold was a good decision and that it's making difference. Also, I feel like a badass, but that's just because I like As. :)

Have you ever given something up and wondered if you made the right choice? Is there something in particular that makes your hard work worthwhile?


Jade said...

I did the opposite. I gave up class to write Charms and now I'm worried I'm going to fail. At least I have a nifty book. Anyway, do you really need a degree?

Amanda J. said...

I don't think I could've done that, as much as I hate it sometimes I really love school.

And sadly I think I do need one, I'm from Arkansas I doubt anyone would hire me outside of the state without it haha.

Jade said...

I started my three-year degree in 2003, so that might explain why I'm a little over it.

What wrong with Arkansas? Sorry, I don't know about any American bias towards particular states. Maybe it's how the rest of Aus feels about Tasmania. In case you're not aware, all Tasmanias are 2-headed freaks, I think it's from the inbreeding. They do live on an island so I'm not sure they've worked out how to make it to the mainland.


Icy Roses said...

I agree with Jade. Psh, B.A.'s are dumb. Nobody needs an undergraduate degree.

So I keep telling myself.

(I've never been to Arkansas except for this one time when for the sophomore band trip when we stopped at a gas station at 2 am and I sleepily asked where we were and the lady behind the counter said, "You're in Arkansawwww." Ahem. That was a worthwhile story, right?)

Karilynnlove said...

I'm pretty much giving up all happiness and writing to finish nursing school...but it's all worth it when someone says "Thank you for making me feel better!"
PS. I nominated you for an award on my blog!

Amanda J. said...

Jade + Icy- There's nothing really wrong with being from Arkansas, but most people think we're all hicks. That and our schools keep requiring less of us so the requirements you need to get a job and the ones you need to graduate aren't the same any more. :(

Besides you two, I like school. I just hate that it gets in the way of my writing. :(

K-love, at least you have that satisfaction of helping people, it's a good cause. I'm just an English major haha. And thanks!! I feel so special. :P


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