Thursday, September 2, 2010


So, I have a lovely signed copy of this pretty book here:

And I'd like to give it away, because I totally have one for myself. : )

ANYWAY, if you live in the US or Canada (I'm cheap right now, sorry everyone!) then you're eligible for this. I'm not going to get all kinds of fancy and give you the chance to have 20 billion entries, so you get one entry per person.


(1) You must be a follower.
(2) You must leave a comment, preferably with some content in it other than, "Woo! Great contest!"

I'd like to get to know you all. So if you've never spoken up before, introduce yourself. If you have, tell me how things are going: have you read a good book lately, made any progress on your MS, or have you been so incredibly busy that it's not even funny?

That's it. Not hard at all.

ENDS: Next Friday (9/10) at 12:00 AM EST (I'll stay up an extra hour for all of you.)


1 signed copy of Cinders by Michelle Davidson Argyle (my review here, and yes this week is brought to you by Cinders for the most part).
2 Cinders bookmarks
2 business cards for Michelle Davidson Argyle

I'd appreciate it if you spread the word about this, mostly because Cinders deserves all the attention it can get. AND if I see my link popping up everywhere, I *might* be persuaded to give out extra entries in my next contest which will be coming up later this month. Hopefully.


Stephanie McGee said...

You don't have to enter me in the contest. I just wanted to pop up and say that it's a wonderful, complex read and even if you don't win, you need to buy it.

As for what I've read recently that I enjoyed? Cinders and Paranormalcy.

Good luck to everyone who enters the contest!

Alesa Warcan said...

I'm not eligible for your contest. But I just wanted to say hello.

I've just finished John Scalzi's "Old man's war". It was a pretty good read, for a "war in space" kind of story... His blog turned out to be a lot more fun.

Nice to meet you!

M. Bail said...

woohoo, great contest! (okay, JK)

I'd love to read Cinders...I've heard lots of buzz about it and I think the story concept is a great idea.

Ummm. Introduce myself. Last book I read was "Whisper Kiss," by Deborah Cooke, and it was an awesome addition to the series. I'm nearly finished with revisions of my manuscript and then it's off to beta readers!

But seriously, thanks for the contest. I'm crossing my fingers I'll win cuz I want the book!

Claire said...

Blerg, I thought I was already a follower. Well, I am now! :D

Also, HI. My thoughts:

1) Currently reading: Shopgirl by Steve Martin, Commuters by Emily Gray Tedrowe, @JWPARENTE's manuscript, Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, and about to start City of Bones by (der) Cassandra Clare.

2) Recently read: (der) Mockingjay

3) Thoughts re: Mockingjay: complicated

4) WIP progress (yes, the one you read): through chapter 6, so more than halfway done! (hopefully)

5) Yes, incredibly busy, and it actually IS kinda funny, in a I'm-approaching-the-delirium-point way. School, work, graduation, job-hunting, writing, preparing to move across the country in JANUARY omg.

6) I love you. #troof

7) I find myself wanting to use hashtags in environments that are not Twitter. Oops.

8) Thank you for holding this contest! I read the first few pages of Cinders on Amazon and LOVED it. And thanks for the great interview with Michelle the other day. :D


Jaimie said...

I've been reading "Everything Is Illuminated" lately. It's pretty okay so far. Took off more in the 4th chapter.

I'm 1/3 done with the first draft of my second novel!

W00t. Good contest. I want signed copy!

Jen said...

What a wonderful prize pack! I'm looking forward to the opportunity of snagging it! I love new reads!

Let's see, let's see, books I've just finished and loved! Ooo, Ooo, I know, I know!!!

Firelight by Sophie Jordan
Gossip from the Girls Room by Rose Cooper
The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy
A Bitch Named Karma by Stephanie Haefner

That should tide you over :)

Anne said...

The book sounds interesting. Any reason it's a novella and not a full length novel?

Amanda J. said...

Haha, you guys are awesome, and have fantastic taste in books! :) Thanks for dropping in!!

Stephanie, Are you sure? You already have a copy, don't you? Haha. :P

Alesa, Sorry about this one, but I'm going to try to have an international contest later for people living outside the US and Canada only so none of these wonderful people would be eligible for that. :) Thanks for saying hi!

M. Bail, You're funny. If you like traditional fairy-tales (Grimm Brothers) then you'll really like this one.

Claire, LOL <3

Jaime, CONGRATS on starting book 2!!! :D

Jen, I am so jealous of your book list. Seriously. It kind of makes me want to cry. Paranormalcy does not even exist in AR as far as we can tell right now. It's depressing.

Anne, Michelle actually talks about it a lot in the interview I had with her that went up yesterday. Here's the link, though, if you need it:

Susan S said...

#wave* Hi Amanda.

I am a lurker here and a follower on Twitter (@susanspann) now I'm speaking up in this forum.

I write historical fiction based on legends, so I love fantasy novels like Cinders - close enough to my genre to hear the shouting, but far enough away to feel like a total escape.

I've read five books lately, but since you probably don't want to hear about "Astronomy Today" I'll recommend "Die a Dry Death" by Greta Van de Rol and "The 13th Hour" by Richard Doetch - both of which were really fun.

As to my MS, it's finished, which means I'm slogging through the fire swamp of Synopsisland at present. The only really good thing about that is that I should finish in time for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' Conference next week. (If I can stay on track and off the reading list and Twitter. Yeah, right.)

Anyway, hello!

Candyland said...

I keep seeing this everywhere I go. She's insanely talented and I want to read this for sure.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this book on other blogs and I like the medieval look to it. I bookmarked the page so that I can later tweet it.

I recently read Jandy Nelson's The Sky is Everywhere--amazing.

Katherine C said...

Hey, I've heard great stuff about this book. I love re-tellings of fairy tales and I like that this one has a darker feel to it. I want it!!

What am I reading currently? The Creation of Eve by Lynn Cullen. I'm enjoying it. It's a thick historical book set in 1500s Spain.

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

YAY!!! I can't wait to see who wins!

madameduck said...

Your reviews are fabulous! You have the same taste in books I do. :) Because of that, I've decided to give you the Most Versatile blogger award and the One Lovely Blog award. Come visit to "claim" them! :) (ie: copy and paste them)

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Yes! I didn't miss it. I've been trying to win Michelle's book. Lucky you, already having a signed copy.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Angela Ackerman said...

I love that Michelle is looking beyond the Fairy Tale. I would love to win this one!

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Sammy said...

I figured it was high time I actually followed your blog, rather than just haunting it. So here I am!

Since we don't really know each other outside of #askintern, I shall properly introduce myself now.


Hola! I'm 22, a super-senior in college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and my thesis, THE AGE OF NEVER GROWING OLD (TANGO, for short), is what I'm currently querying. I've also got three WIPs: one is a school shooting, one is about werewolves, and one is a YA companion piece to my thesis. Aka, I'm very indecisive :-p

The last book I finished was MOCKINGJAY, of course, and I've been slowly working my way through Justin Cronin's THE PASSAGE. So far, it's kind of amazing. And yesterday I was at B&N and picked up a copy of INCARCERON, but I haven't started it yet, so I am opinionless.

When I'm not doing writerly things, I bake. Or cook. And I think handling raw chicken is the most disgusting thing on the planet.

So, there you go!

Awesome contest, Miss Thing!

Amanda J. said...

You all are fabulous, and I'm so glad that most, if not all, of you have heard of this before and are seeing it elsewhere. It's wonderful and everything a true fairy-tale should be, and by that I mean depressing lol. :P

Also, Sammy, it's like you knew I've been de-boning and skinning chicken breasts lately. O.o Odd. Haha.

Good luck every one, and keep spreading the word! :D

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Everyone who has entered this giveaway, you might want to also check out XiXi's blog where she's giving away a signed copy, as well. She hasn't had a lot of traffic over there, it seems, and what would hurt to double your chances to get a copy!

Check it out here:

Jemi Fraser said...

This book with its lovely cover has been popping up everywhere! I'd love to get my hands on it :)

I just finished books 1&2 of Ric Riordan's Percy Jackson series - fantastic reads. So much fun - no wonder my students always love them!

Amanda J. said...

Michelle, thanks for spreading the news! You hear that, everyone? You've got multiple chances to win this book! :)

Jemi, I loved those books, too. :) Totally different from this one haha, but still great books.

Connie said...

Please enter me in the contest!

I'm reading Mockingjay right now. I'm reading it slowly and aloud to savor it--once it's over, it's over.

As for writing, I'm on the second R&R for my YA novel, hoping that the agent that requested the two revisions will sign me.

Sarah E Olson said...

Hi! Just found your blog today via Twitter.

I just finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy last week and finished the fourth book in Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series.

I'm also in the midst of writing an adult fantasy novel, but I have a six-month old at home so I'm finding it hard to find time to write.

Cinders looks very interesting. I'd love to win a copy!

Hannah Kincade said...

I finally got around to reading WAKE. I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed Chuck Palahniuk's latest book, Tell All. It was brilliant as always.

Oh yeah, I would love to win a copy of Cinders. :)

Corey said...

My name is Corey. I'm also an aspiring writer. I'm currently reading Dennis Lehane's Shutter Island and posting a chapter by chapter analysis of Lehane's voice and pace on my blog. I have a childrens' science fiction book for which I am currently seeking representation.

Amanda J. said...

Nice to see you all! :) Thanks for stopping by and I'll be sure to enter you.

...Man, I should have contests more often, lol.

C.A. Marshall said...

Good books lately!?!?! Melissa Walker's VIOLET series and Courtney Summers' CRACKED UP TO BE!

All of them were amazing and had me reading all night long. I was up so late reading CUtB that I saw my neighbors' kids get on the bus for the first day of school.


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