Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New York Revisited

Hello Everyone! As you all know I went to New York the week before last with my good friend Katie to job shadow Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown Ltd. and Jordan Hamessley of Grosset & Dunlap/Price Stern Sloane (imprints of Penguin). We spent two days at both places, though our time at Penguin was cut short due to things beyond our control; however, what little time we did spend there was still very insightful.

New York was fantastic, and I'm more sure than ever that I want to make the move next summer after graduation to be a part of publishing. So, how about some pictures to catalog the trip? :)

We left from Paragould, Arkansas bright and early (actually it was about 5 in the morning and the sun wasn't even up, but ya know, whatever). Ten minutes into our drive we ran over a suicidal rabbit, luckily that was the only thing we hit, and the drive was 10+ hours there and back. The rabbit sacrificed himself to the Road Trip Gods and was accepted as we only had one other unfortunate thing happen on the actual trip. But seriously, this rabbit ran into the road and straight under the driver's wheel. Katie screamed. We both nearly cried. (Not the most flattering picture of either of us, but we had all of 4 hours of sleep...)

From Arkansas we drove to Toledo, OH passing through a handful of states.

We even passed Lima, OH where the wonderful show GLEE takes place. :)

Once in Toledo, we stayed the night with Katie's sister and then hopped on a train to New York.
What should have been a 15-16 hour ride turned into an entire day on a train after 2 separate delays totaling a whopping 8 extra hours. Fun stuff. (It was my first train ride.)

Now then, Curtis Brown was like heaven. Everyone there was absolutely wonderful. They were all so happy to be doing the things they love and the atmosphere was fantastic.
Katie and I got to read through slush with Ginger and see how she does things.  She talked to us about contracts and the ins and outs of her job and she introduced us to some of the other fabulous people at the office who shared what their jobs are like.
On day two, we got to see the conference room where a handful of client books are on display. This is where we had lunch with a bunch of the assistants and talked about random things (including the toasted marshmallow shake which will be disclosed later) while Ginger was at a contracts committee meeting.
To say the least, we were very, very sad to go.

Our time at Curtis Brown showed me that I do really want to become an agent. These people were so incredibly nice and full of energy and happiness. They love reading and talking about books and authors and sharing all of that with other people, which is what I want to do. Curtis Brown felt like home, if you know what I mean, and I am so thankful to Ginger for letting us follow her around for a couple of days.
We got to meet the awesome Katherine Fausset, Sarah LaPolla, and many other wonderful ladies who shared more than just information on marshmallow shakes and chocolate covered bacon (one of which is the best things you will ever taste). So happy to have met and talked with such great people. :)

Tomorrow: our time at Penguin, the return trip, and visiting Lake Eerie.

Still to come: random pictures of New York and the loot we scored while we were there, including such books as Sandman Slim, A Match Made in High School, ARCs of Incarceron, Fire, and books that were actually purchased. :)

Note: For some reason there are huge blank spaces when this gets posted. These gaps aren't showing up in the post or the preview and I can't get them to go away, so I apologize if it took forever to read. 


Amparo Ortiz said...

Holy cow, I'm jealous!

Just when I thought all the BEA attendees had sucked all my jealousy energy out of me, you come along and post this! Super happy for you, though! Way to keep your dream alive ;)

Candyland said...

Sounds amazing!!! You'd be a great agent. And you kind of passed right by me in Ohio:)

Palindrome said...

That's sounds like so much fun! I wish I wanted to be an agent. It would definitely beat waiting to get an agent because you know, I'd already be one. Ha!

Can't wait for more pics!

Tere Kirkland said...

WOW, what a road trip! You must be exhausted! ;)

Jade said...


Sounds like you had an awesome time though. I can't wait to hear more.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

What an experience! With more to come I'm sure.

Talli Roland said...

What an amazing experience. New York is fab, isn't it? Love that city - it literally hums with energy.


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