Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's this? A new post?!

Hi. My name's Amanda, and it's been about a week since my last blog post.

Okay, I don't know what that was, but it's after 2am (please excuse any and all typos and incomplete sentences/thoughts) and right now everything's kind of funny. So we'll just move on. If you follow my Twitter, and I don't know why you would but anyway, you know that I've been rather blah lately. Now as Jade has a new mantra for me (#nomoreblah), I've been forbidden from the levels of lackluster, no motivation living. Unfortunately, I still feel like I have absolutely nothing worth saying. Heck, I can't even finish a book to review these days, which by the way makes me feel horrible.

ANYWAY, I'm finished with Spanish for the summer. WOOO!!!!! Sorry, it kind of sucked the life out of me there for a bit, and by that I mean it really ticked me off almost every day. But it's all good, because it's over and my life is returning to normal and I have time again! Mind you I still have, like, 7 partials to read, so if you haven't heard back from AA and you know who that is, it's totally my fault (ignore the fact that she's been out of office for a bit).

Have I mentioned it's like 2:20am? I have sleeping problems. It sucks. So yea, umm, I swear I had a point. OH! That's right, if any of you have topics you;d like me to talk about or attempt to talk about or if any of you want to guest blog or something leave me a comment, because right now I seriously feel like I could just go on and on without saying a single thing of importance . . . but I won't.

I will, however, ask if everyone had a lovely time at WriteOnCon. Did you learn a lot, meet new people? I myself didn't get to attend much and I was completely absent from the forums (yay life!), but I LOVED all of the posts, chat recordings, and vlogs. Such a wealth of information. A huge thanks to the ladies who put it all together. If you're reading this,


It was a wonderful conference, and I certainly learned a lot. You all are awesome. 

And now, it is 2:28 and I am finally ready for bed. Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope no one had a horrible Friday the 13th, personally it's always been a good day for me. Anyway, enjoy your weekend and, hopefully, I'll see you all again soon!  


Candyland said...

You're funny. I have a hard time falling alseep too, even when I'm exhausted. MY brain's always goinggoinggoing.

Jade said...

#nomoreblah, Amanda, #nomoreblah

Jaimie said...

Awww, be #blah if you want. It's August. It's vacation month. Allow yourself a mental vacation -- you work so hard otherwise.

Magan said...

You know what helps the blahs? Prailines + Chocolate milk + a great movie. TRUST ME.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hope you got some sleep!

Kathryn said...

Where have you been???? ;) We all missed you.

Let's see... topics... well, how about now that you're finished with your Spanish course, where do you plan on using your newly acquired Spanish? :D (AKA. Any *upcoming trips?)

*Note: I initially wrote "cupcake" instead of "upcoming". Freudian slip, me thinks.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Amanda J. said...

Candy, I'm funny? I figured I just came across as crazy, so I'll take funny! :P

Jade, I'm trying!

Jamie, What is this vacation month you speak of?

Magan, I've never had pralines before... lol.

Alex, I did, but it wasn't enough. It never is.

And Kathryn, I haven't been anywhere but my house. It's rather sad actually. And in all honesty I doubt I'll be leaving the country any time soon so right now it looks like it won't do me any good to know. :/ Also, cupcakes are better than most things so your Freudian slip is fine by me. :)

B Jas said...

Conferences are a great way to get in there and get involved---even the virtual ones. Heading to Surrey in the Fall, can't wait! Terrific blog & good luck with your MG novel. I am query a MG novel right now.... Best, B Jas

Anonymous said...

I have sleeping problems, too. I can be found blogging @ 2 in the morning.

I loved WriteOnCon. It was convenient and highly informative.


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