Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Entry...

...to Tahereh's totally amazing contest:

The contest is to write a rhyming query (I had to to it for one of my SNIs that I'm toying with but not actually playing with yet). Enjoy!

The ghosts and the ghouls

And a number of fools,

In shades of gray,

Gather to say

They feel bad.

They give their confessions,

And at the end of each session

They give a group hug,

Shuffle over the rug,

And part until the next meeting

When Bonnie gets restless

She sadly confesses

The girl in 4D,

Obnoxious and peeved,

Is Bonnie’s first spook in a month.

The gang is all sad,

They say Bonnie was bad,

But they’re happy she feels better;

Bonnie signs a new letter

Swearing off spooking for good.

Dear Ms Agent,

I hope my email sent

To you this beautiful query

And that you aren’t weary

To request more.

I have the whole book,

Please don’t give me that look,

It’s really quite something

And could easily bring

Lots of money to you and to me.

Simply request

And I’ll send you my best

60,000 word novel,

There's no need to grovel,

For my YA paranormal comedy SPOOKS!


Jade said...


The idea sounds cool too.

Talli Roland said...

Love it! :)

What a great contest.

Ann Marie Wraight said...

Well - I'M not going to enter now...
Was FAB!

Summer said...

Awesome! That's such a great contest. :-)

Theresa Milstein said...

Love it!

I was considering entering, but I'm not the best rhymer. Now that I've seen your entry, I won't even bother!


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